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At Venuepoint, we believe in being a partner to our clients. The days of being just a system are over, so we take an active part in helping with marketing, sales strategy, customer communication, CRM and unique insights into sales and customers.

With Venuepoint’s 50/50 joined ownership by Nordisk Film and the German ticket titan Evemtim we have a solid experience in the Scandinavian ticketing business and a huge knowledge about the market in the rest of Europe. We have our headquarters in Copenhagen, but also have local presence in Aarhus, Oslo, Gothenburg and Stockholm. With around 70 employees, we are always ready to provide the best help both to our partners and our buying customers.

Culture is our passion; ticketing is our business.


Key offerings of Venuepoint

Improve ticket sales

With the Venuepoint buying process you’re giving your customers a smooth and well-designed purchase flow. All elements are optimized for all platforms.

A strong base

Venuepoint is owned by Nordisk Film and Eventim, which gives us a strong base and a lot of industry experience.

Enhance customer experience

With functions like Ticket-Tip, Facebook log-in and the possibility for access control, we do our bit to give the customers the best possible experience.

Improved administration

We can lighten the workload for your organisation through an easy setup of reports, which will give you a quick overview of your ticket sales.

Optimize your marketing

Venuepoint offers marketing on our market places, in newsletters, campaigns on social media, and we offer advise on how to gain visibility on google.

Let us help you

Get regular updates on system usage, recommendations about digital marketing, inspiration on event sales and strategy.



DR Koncerthuset

Kungliga Operan


Stavanger Konserthus

Partners of Venuepoint

We are working with some of the largest organizers in northern Europe. Music promoters, opera houses, festivals, sports teams, concert halls, theaters and many more. With a strong offering in both system and add-on services, we support the strategic development of our partners.

We prefer to see those who we work with as partners, not as customers, and work closely with our partners in developing the system and our services to best support their business. Our goal is to develop and deliver the best selling ticket platform in northern Europe, based on a profound understanding of our partners and market and technology trends.