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At Venuepoint, we believe in being a partner to our clients. The days of being just a system are over, so we take an active part in helping with marketing, sales strategy, customer communication, CRM and unique insights into sales and customers. We provide ongoing training to box office employees, network and inspiration to the marketing employees, and in-depth inspiration and insights to the top level people – leading to a better organisation and, ultimately, better sales.

Key offerings of Venuepoint

Improve Ticket Sales

With the Venuepoint buying process you’re giving your customers a smooth and well-designed purchase flow, leading to hassle-free purchasing. All elements optimized for all platforms.

Increase Revenues

Easily set up product sales, membership solutions or your own branded gift card to support customer loyalty, and add to your revenues.

Enhance customer experience

Customise layout on tickets, receipts and the buying process to enhance customer engagement and enthusiasm.

Save time on administration

With easy set up of reporting, data export services and digital distribution of campaigns or VIP tickets, your organization can finally focus on what it should be doing.

Optimize your marketing

Set up tracking and monitor impact of your digital marketing or use detailed reports to get a quick overview of your customers.

Let us help you

Get regular updates on system usage, best practices in digital marketing, inspiration on event sales and strategy. We’re here to make you better.

DR Koncerthuset

Kungliga Operan


Stavanger Konserthus

Partners of Venuepoint

We are working with some of the largest organizers in northern Europe. Music promoters, opera houses, festivals, sports teams, concert halls, theaters and many more. With a strong offering in both system and add-on services, we support the strategic development of our partners.

We prefer to see those who we work with as partners, not as customers, and work closely with our partners in developing the system and our services to best support their business. Our goal is to develop and deliver the best selling ticket platform in northern Europe, based on a profound understanding of our partners and market and technology trends.